Plush Teddies Price Match and Bear Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee to match any price for a Charlie Bear with comparable features, offered by any authorized stockist for the same bear. Additionally, we offer you the opportunity to choose your bear from photos of each bear in stock, upon request.

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Join us for an exclusive 15-minute 'Teddy Bear Tea Party,' a delightful online gathering where you can meet and select your one-of-a-kind plush companion. For $20, you'll be personally guided through our enchanting collection of handmade teddy bears, each with its own distinctive features and personality. Sip your tea and discover the bear that speaks to you. Should you find your teddy bear soulmate during our tea party and decide to adopt within 24 hours, we'll celebrate by offering you $10 off your new friend's adoption fee. It's not just a tea party—it's the first date with your future teddy bear!

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Charlie Bears, Universally Adored

Discover the enchanting world of Plush Teddies, where each teddy bear is more than just a toy, it's a collectible treasure. Handcrafted by the experts at Charlie Bears, UK with meticulous attention to detail, our curated Charlie Bear teddy bears embody the timeless joy of childhood. Perfect for collectors and children alike, these exquisite characters are designed to be cherished companions for generations.

Charlie Bears have held a special place in the hearts of many since their inception in 2005. Serving as more than just plush toys but also as cherished confidants and sources of solace. These iconic stuffed companions possess a timeless charm that transcends generations and fads. Regardless of age, the allure of a lovable teddy bear remains unwavering. The classic teddy bear has stood the test of time with its gentle, plush exterior and embraceable form.

Fantasy Friends are highly sought after due to their uniqueness. There are many dragon and rabbit enthusiasts and as well as cats lovers who can carry their huggable companion with them everywhere they go. These special friends are all available at Plush Teddies.